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About Us


Heritage Pharmacy serves residents in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. Our pharmacy offers Medicine Delivery, Pharmacy On Call, Flu Shot, Diabetes Care, Clinical Services, Patient Care, Senior Care, Family Care, Consultation, Nursing Home, Refill Prescription, Transfer Prescription, and OTC drugs.

Pharmacist Role

Pharmaceutical knowledge is crucial for the patients’ health. As such, pharmacists are experts in the therapeutic actions of drugs. Based on the updated studies in medicine and healthcare, they work to ensure that the patients receive the correct information about the medications taken.

Pharmacists also check on the patients’ medical history before filling a prescription to see if there are no allergic reactions or adverse effects with any new prescriptions.

  • The Pharmacist is always in a continuous learning process as the advancement of the healthcare system is never-ending.
  • For this reason, a medical education program is specifically developed by the Pharmacist for the Nurses targeting major healthcare issues.
  • Program is held in a Nursing Home setting
  • Clear and informative; information appropriate and practical for nurses with a medical background.
  • In-depth discussions of the impact of a disease on individuals who are ill and their role as the multi-disciplinary team providing their care.
  • The meeting is highly interactive, with open discussion and an opportunity for questions and answers.

A pharmacy technician works under the supervision of a pharmacist. Their tasks include receiving prescriptions from patients, packaging medicine, handling medication orders, making calls to the doctor, and more. Most importantly, they aid in minimizing dispensing errors and help prepare the medication in a way that the patient receives the prescription as quickly as possible.

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