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imageOur pharmacists ensure patient safety and confidentiality, therapeutic efficacy, pharmacoeconomics & cost-effectiveness and service quality. Our services include:

Clinical Services for Nursing and Retirement Home

  • Provide consultant pharmacists with geriatric expertise to long term care sector.
  • Provide continuing education profession services for staff to enhance medical knowledge.
  • Provide pharmacy services to the facility on regular basis including emergency orders.

Patient care

  • The Pharmacist’s first concern is Patient care.
  • The Pharmacist assures that patient is aware of the purpose and use of the medication, as well as possible side-effects that may occur.
  • To ensure patient safety, the Pharmacist makes certain that the dispensing process is carried out effectively and that the product is delivered to the patient with suitable advice.
  • It is the primary role of the Pharmacist to focus on health improvement and to reduce health inequalities.

Senior Care Services

  • Review medications regularly to ensure optimal therapy.
  • Monitor residents outcomes.
  • Respond promptly to questions and comments from residents, their families and staff.
  • Facilitate medication administration focusing on the ongoing benefit of the residents.
  • Blister packages to manage their medication

Family care

  • The pharmacist provides counseling for families with members in nursing home care.
  • Pharmacist is available to answer any questions they might have concerning disease management, and drug information.
  • Supply non- covered medication to the residence in the Nursing Home when required with minimal charge.


  • Friendly and understanding service, that which consoles or comforts the patients.
  • Patient medical review is described in details outlining the specific side-effects associated from the drug.
  • Advise on proper medication techniques
  • Maintain collaborative relationships with other health care providers.
  • Ensure medication dispensing is safe and accurate

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